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Water Damage Restoration

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Your home is your sanctuary. But not when there is water dripping from the ceiling! Water damage is a common and destructive problem many homeowners face and it’s very stressful. Water damage is caused by many things from leaking faucets and burst pipes to fighting fires and natural disasters with heavy rain and flooding. If water damage is not promptly taken care of it can cause expensive damage to your home, furniture,  electrical or even cause hazardous mold growth. ServiceMaster by Nest can assess the damage, provide an estimate and remediate to prevent further damage to your home and personal belongings.

Here are helpful TIPS on what you should do or avoid if you experience water damage.

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When the worst happens, call the experts at ServiceMaster by Nest. With one call, we’re at your side providing expert guidance on what to do and the experience to fix the problem — fast. ServiceMaster by Nest will turn fear and uncertainty into confidence and get your life back to normal.

Got soaked papers? When personal belongings are damaged from disaster ServiceMaster by Nest has great results saving your documents through our document drying and electronic data recovery services.

You name it. We dry it.

  • Flooded Basement and Rising Water
  • Burst & Leaking Pipes
  • Roof Leaks & Failures
  • Carpet & Upholstered Furniture
  • Fire Fighting Damage
  • Appliance Ruptures & Leaks
  • Content & Document Drying
  • Contaminated Water and Sewage Back-Ups

If you are experiencing water damage, call us immediately. (845) 471-8520 or get in touch through our contact page.