mold removal

Mold Remediation

Removal for a healthier environment.

Residential Mold Remediation

Unlike fire or water disasters, microbial growth, or mold, is a silent but dangerous disaster. Mold can grow indoors on wet or damp surfaces in your home in as quickly as 48 hours. If you see signs or suspect growth in your home reach out to ServiceMaster by Nest as soon as possible. If left unchecked mold can effect the quality of your home’s structure and your quality of life. Our technicians are trained to remediate your home and belongings.

What are the signs to look for in your home?

  • A recent flood or water damage.
  • Leaks in or around the home either from burst pipes or air conditioning systems.
  • Musty odors in the building.
  • Discoloration or water stains on the walls or ceilings.

Mold is more than Yucky.

Molds gradually destroy the things they grow on and can grow anywhere:

  • Foundation
  • Roof
  • HVAC system
  • Drywall
  • Gutters
  • Furnishings and more

Getting back to a healthy environment.

Using IICRC and NYS Standards we remediate the effected materials, clean and treat the structure to create a healthier environment.

Give us a call if you think you might have mold or have questions today! (845) 471-8520 or get in touch through our contact page.