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Large Loss & Pre-Loss Planning

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Commercial Large Loss & Pre-Loss Planning

Be Proactive and plan. When a disaster does strike, it can cause a large loss on your business and its reputation. Time is of the essence. Our technicians are on call 24/7 to be on site promptly, organizing and orchestrating your restoration and getting your business doors open again!

Prepare for the worst with the best. Fire and natural disasters strike without warning posing a danger to your business and its operations. Planning ahead and preparing for the unthinkable is your best route to protecting your business and your employees. ServiceMaster By Nest is your Pre-loss planning expert. We have seen it all and understand every business is different. A Pre-loss plan is as individual as each business. With the right plan we can minimize delay and help you get back to business quickly and efficiently to make a seamless transition back to productivity.

Preparation is your Best Defense.

A business continuity strategy helps to guide you and your employees through a disaster. Procedures regarding preventative and recovery strategies are planned out before a tragedy hits, so that everyone knows what to do until normal operations are restored.

What is the Purpose of a Business Continuity Plan?

At ServiceMaster by Nest, we understand every second of business is crucial. Even when the office is unavailable during a disaster, work still needs to get done. The purpose of a business contingency plan is to ensure that you don’t lose all your profits and productivity during a catastrophe. Along with keeping your staff and your essential equipment safe, a business continuity plan will provide information on how to keep operations running smoothly, even when the base camp is damaged.

The goals of a thoughtful and well-rounded business continuity plan can:

  • Minimize serious, long-term interruptions to day-to-day operations
  • Limit how severe a disruption is
  • Set pre-determined locations to work remotely if the office is severely damaged
  • Expedite restoration services
  • Minimize financial loss
  • Equip employees with proper training and knowledge of what to do if disaster strikes
  • Prevent you from closing your doors permanently

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